What we do

Carstens & Company specializes in helping B2B companies build, nurture and manage distinct and meaningful brands. We provide our clients with brand services that are intelligent, consistent and focused. We do this through a combination of deep understanding of branding, strong experience in marketing communications, respect for your resources, and tried-and-true methodologies.

Brand Strategy
Our approach to brand strategy isn’t ‘one size fits all’. For each project, we review our customer’s current situation and goals to determine how we can best help. That may mean a simple three-hour workshop or a intensive six-week process involving primary research, or something in-between. The bottom line is that we want to make the most or your time and resources.

From benchmarking brand perceptions, testing authenticity of brand messaging, evaluating positioning, to gaining insights that may affect brand positioning, we can help.

Internal Brand Launch
Have you taken the time to introduce your messages to your own team? Every time someone within your company communicates with a customer or prospect there is an opportunity to build – or lose – brand equity. At Carstens & Company, we understand that your most important brand tactic is your workforce. We launch new brand platforms internally, with excitement and conviction.

External Brand Launch
A brand cannot achieve its full potential if it is not brilliantly executed. A well-planned and executed launch jump-starts brand recognition and ensures that the brand is well-positioned. We draw from years of experience in a broad spectrum of communications tactics including social media, direct mail, influencer relations, advertising, events and more.

Brand Buzz
Through integrated marketing communication, you can have the impact of being everywhere without the budget of being everywhere. We help clients with brand promotion that quickly gets the industry buzzing. The secret is in the combination of message consistency, placement and tactic selection. We are experienced in creating the perfect combination to create powerful buzz.

Merger and Acquisition Communications
Superb communication is crucial during mergers and acquisitions. There is only a short window of time to tell your story to key audiences. Furthermore, people issues are the most common reason that mergers fail. The best way to overcome those issues is with a strong communication strategy that begins before the announcement and continues through the transition. We identify the right audiences, clarify messaging and develop action plans that build momentum.

Influencer Relations
Are you reaching the right analysts, bloggers, reporters and others who influence the buying decisions of your target audiences? We can help you determine who are the top influencers and develop strategies to make sure you are on their radar.

Product Positioning/Product Messaging
Based on primary and secondary research and your business goals, we develop clear, concise and differentiated messaging. We outline market segments for each product and conclude with the development of key messages and value propositions.

Product Launch Campaigns
Launching a product is much more than a checklist. A successful campaign is the beginning of selling. It positions your product, enhances brand equity and generates excitement (and leads!) for your products. It involves communicating with the right audiences, with the right message, at the right time.

Product Name Development/Brand Architecture
It is challenging to develop a name for your product or service that communicates how it is distinct and supports your brand in tone and strategy. Whether it is a single product or product family, our name creation process is designed to strategically support your corporate brand, differentiate your product and provide the legal protection you need.

Insurance Marketing Communications Practice
With an understanding of insurance and experience marketing to and for insurance carriers, we can help you develop communications strategy, generate leads and grow your market share. We understand your language and your markets.

Communications Strategy
At the heart of most business problems is a communications challenge. Whether you need to influence a group of stakeholder, policy makers, customers, or competitors customers, we can help develop a strategy and communications plan to help you accomplish your goals.