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Valerie Carstens

Valerie Carstens

About Carstens & Company

Carstens & Company specializes in helping B2B companies build, nurture and manage distinct and meaningful brands. We provide our clients with brand services that are intelligent, consistent and focused. We do this through a combination of deep understanding of branding, strong experience in marketing communications, respect for your resources, and tried-and-true methodologies.


About Valerie Carstens

With more than 20 years of experience, Valerie Carstens is a brand professional. With a strong knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, she has a keen passion for helping clients create brands that fit their companies perfectly.

Since launching Carstens & Company in 1999, Carstens has helped create brands for a variety of B2B companies including BenefitMall, Zimbra (formerly Telligent), Skywire Software, Concentra and TIG Specialty Insurance Solutions. She creates game-changing branding and marketing programs that incorporate a variety of tactics including email, social media, webinars and traditional public relations. She is adept at discovering uniquely valuable messages and then articulating them to key markets.

Carstens has led communication and branding efforts through major acquisitions, corporate alignments and leadership changes. Her specialties include corporate brand positioning, key message development, brand identity, internal and external brand launches, product positioning, public relations, analyst relations and communication strategy.

During a recent 18-month engagement with an enterprise software company, it grew from 90 employees serving 200 customers to 650 employees serving 2,500 customers worldwide before selling to a major technology company. More recently, she has upgraded the positioning, AR and PR strategy for an enterprise social software company.

Over the years, Carstens has gained the type of experience you only get from being in the trenches, working side-by-side with clients, crafting plans, watching details and overcoming the unexpected. Previously, Carstens held corporate marketing positions and served as a director at Bustin & Company, a Dallas-based marketing strategy firm.